A little bit about NixNet.xyz and some financial information


NixNet.xyz is a network of websites and services hosted by the pseudonymous Amolith (me). The main reason I'm hosting these sites is because I like to be in control of my own data where feasible. The easiest way to accomplish this is to host the services I use. I make them public and and maintain them simply because I want to. The Linux and FLOSS community has completely changed my life and I feel like this is a small way I can do my part and give back.


At the moment, all the sites I host are running on netcup GmbH's 500 G8 VPS. I pay $6.10/mo in lump sums of $36.60 every six months. The domain nixnet.xyz is registered with gandi.net and it renews at $13.63/yr. I use Gandi because they have WHOIS privacy by default, every domain comes with two inboxes and unlimited aliases for both. One is amolith@nixnet.xyz and the other uses my real name rather than my pseudonym.

At the moment, I only accept fiat currencies on Liberapay (so far) and how much I make from it is below. All of the money will go back to this site and the services I host, whether that means renewing the domain, upgrading the VPS, or some other cost. I won't keep any of it for myself.

If you want to donate in crypto currencies, I accept Bitcoin and Litecoin though I do prefer Litecoin because of its speed. If you do crypto on mobile, you can scan the QR codes with your preferred app or tap them to open the appropriate app. The address is also below for other methods.





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